Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GDA~ Wuhuuuuuuuuuu :)

Annyeong all~~~! :)
I'm so happy yesterday coz I met my 12 EXO's PRINCE!!!
They all are so handsome & cute! :)
Before going to GDA, I was so sad that I can't meet EXO at airport...
I was mad at the manager for changing door~ -____-"
Plus I really not in EXO mood that time...
Aish, pabo me~~~ XD

(before going to the airport 14/1/2013)

(my  fancams link at KLIA 14/1/2013)
[Fancam] Super Junior at KLIA (14/1/2013)
[Fancam] Kara at KLIA (14/1/2013)
[Fancam] B2ST at KLIA (14/1/2013)
[Fancam] B1A4 at KLIA (14/1/2013)
[Fancam] FT Island, CN Blue & Juniel at KLIA (14/1/2013)

(before going to the GDA) :)
*p/s : I'm wearing the same tudung but different shirt*

But, its okay~ I met them at GDA!
So happy~ Thank you so much Dior Oppa for the ticket :)

(my Rockpit Zone ticket)

While waiting for the concert, I accompany oppa to eat...
I got this while waiting~

(Lay banner)

(Baekhyun banner) 

(SHINee banner)

At last, I got LAY banner!!! Wuhuuuuuuuuuu~ :)
After that, we (me & Dior oppa) went to the stage...
(p/s : we're in different zone but same entrance)
Its really awesome!!!


(Both pictures was the stage)

(my Rockpit Zone tag)
*p/s : kyaaa, my favourite colour!* XD

So sorry coz I didn't take many pictures & videos on the concert...
Coz my bad quality phone camera... Sorry again~~~ *bow*
I saw my hubby, Kim Jongin @ Kkamjong infront of my eyes~
He did his pervert face! Ngaummmmmmmmm! Hahaha XD
Errmmm, I think that's all for now... Hope I'll meet EXO again...
Hwaiting!!! Annyeong :)