Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my 10sen day! huhu >.<

actually its not 10 cent..
but, tension.. pressure..
coz, i'm really confident this morning..
entered En. Khairol (Comp. App) class..
i think my work is in my laptop..
then, i opened my laptop..
and go to my Ominnie file in my document..
then, opened Computer Application folder..
OMG!!!! i didnt saved it in my laptop!!!


i almost cried!! huhu.. T^T

and i think!!!

but! thanx God...
my lecturer gave me time..


thanx En. Khairol..
tomorrow i will show u the best of my work!
huhu xP

Monday, March 30, 2009


annyeong ^^
i'm maked new blog..
its all bout my favourite..
korean lover..
hehe >.<
come.. come..
see my korean world blog to0.. ^^

Saturday, March 21, 2009

annyeong.... >.<

hi... annyeong...
its me.. ominnie...
hahaha.. my nick name is Dya..
but, i prefer u all call me ominnie or soomin...
hahaha xP
i'm newbie here..
hope wat is wrong, please tell me k??
gomawo~ ^_^

nae chingu's [saranghae yeongwonhi!!!!!]

diz is my beloved bestfriends...
hyerin, chaery n hyunjae...
huhu.. really lurve them...
they was my best friends 4ever!!!
saranghae yeongwonhi!!!!!
ppo ppo~ >.< muaaahhhh!!
hahahaha XD

My Bestfriend's to0 ^^

diz is also my bestfriend's..
next to me is Huda..
infront of me is Kann-Kann & Dayah..
really love them.. like i love fs starz...
i hope we will be bestfriend's 4ever n ever...
yagsok ne~? hehehe... ^^


annyeong.. ^^
woaahh.. i'm alone at home yestrday..
so scary..
my fam going to Pahang for my cousin wedd..
i dont want to go coz kinda lazy..
hahaha XD
now, i at Farda..
working~ lalala.. ^^
listening SuJu song..
i enjoyed.. hihi >_<