Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good bye 2012, Hello 2013...

Hi, all! Annyeong! Assalamualaikum :)
Woah, we near the end of 2012...
Tomorrow (31/12/12) is the last day in 2012...
Good bye 2012... :(
On Tuesday, we will enter 2013! Happy New Year! :)
Hope on 2013 will be more happier than before...
May GOD bless all :)
Plus I'm really afraid, coz I gonna be 23 years old~
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ So scary~~~ >_<
Feel like wanna go back to 2008~ Hahahaha XD
In year 2012, I know many friends from FB, Korea Plaza & others place...
In FB, in MYExotics group like Leya Eleya, Hidayah JR's, Azizul Amiruddin,
Prince Yus Seop ExoPlanet, Athirah Tira Ira, Inna Syafina & the others...
(If wanna mention all members name, so many~~~)
Thanks u all :)
Thanks to all at Korea Plaza,
(Anis, Ridwan, Din, Megat, Lizz, Orenji eonni, Samantha eonni, Huixin, Ereene, Melissa, Ruby,
Al Hafiz, Ejatt, Marlena eonni, Jaewoo Oppa, Suanne & others)
Also thanks to Joe, Khairoul Ajuhssi Re-Do, 7Degrees, Epsilon, Ruffneckz, 
Progression, MBLAZE & others...
Also, happy to know KPSH 2 contestants like Rendy, Anthea, Liahona & others..
And to all no matter in FB or Twitter or Instagram or Kakao or Whatsapp, everywhere..
Thank u very much for being my friends :)
Okay, that's all for now... Will continue on the new year~ 
Annyeong :)

(p/s : if I forgot someone, sorry ya??? *bow*)